Session S64c (Thursday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P940: Effective practice in a general chemistry class

Sally Hunnicutt (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)

The analysis of various forms of practice, including online homework, used in a general chemistry course with an enrollment of 90 students will be presented.  Following completion of a guided-inquiry activity or lecture, students practiced material with quizzes, online homework, and in-class ‘clicker’ questions, and they reviewed material in online journals.  Online homework included versions of the same problems that could be done repeatedly.  Exam questions were mapped to specific types of practice (none, homework, quiz, clicker, or a combination of types).  Statistical analyses were performed to determine if different types of practice affected performance on exam questions, and individual students’ overall scores on the exams were compared to quiz, homework, clicker, and journal scores.  A similar analysis of student scores in a large-enrollment general education science course, Energy, suggests that classroom participation and completion of homework assignments are an effective means of learning.


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