Session S67c (Thursday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P944: Nanomaterials chemistry: A half-credit course for scientists

Anne K. Bentley (Lewis & Clark College, USA)

A nanomaterials chemistry half-credit course was developed for students in their sophomore year and above. The course relied extensively on the chemical literature to discuss the chemical synthesis, characterization, and application of nanomaterials. Specific course topics included shape control in nanoparticle synthesis, the use of gold nanorods as chemical sensors, semiconductors and solar energy, nanoscale carbon materials, self-assembly, nanotoxicology, and the public’s understanding of nanoscience. Students participated in a networking breakfast in which they each promoted a research project using gold nanoparticles in cancer treatment. Nanomaterials students also collaborated with students enrolled in a beginning art class in a project that used the college’s benchtop electron microscope. Writing skills were emphasized in a term paper assignment that gave students the opportunity to explore an area of particular interest.


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