Session S67c (Thursday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P945: Nano in a global context: An introduction for engineering students

Navid B Saleh, Juan Caicedo, Ann Johnson (University of South Carolina, USA)

Reaching engineering students with current information on nanotechnology demands attention be paid to several dimensions of engineering education. Today’s engineering students need classes that stimulate them to think about new technologies in a multidisciplinary and global context. The technical courses in engineering curricula need to develop mechanisms to be more attentive to real world aspects—from design and problem-orientation to societal and ethical aspects. The course designed here fully integrates new fundamental knowledge and hands-on design experiences into the global context of real world problems with a true integration of ethical and social implications. The course addresses five focus areas under the common water contamination theme, namely, arsenic, pathogen and organics/metal contamination, contaminant sensors, and an alternative power supply for treatment systems. This course uses a critical thinking driven EFFECTs framework. Principles of nanoscale physics, chemistry, and biology are discussed to solve real life water contamination problems


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