Session S67c (Thursday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P947: How to create a hands-on nanoscience and nanotechnology minor

James Brenner, Kyan Ali, Benjamin Burnett, Lisa Cole, Kavitha Hari, Jack Kindred, Yekaterina Lin, Joel Olson, Andres Phillips, Kurt Winkelmann, Shaohua Xu (Florida Institute of Technology, USA)

Florida Tech features the first nanotech program with multiple three-credit labs, as most students learn nanotechnology in “hands-on” mode. New Nanotech Lab II and Materials Characterization Lab courses have been pilot-tested to complement two existing courses and a freshman Nanotechnology Lab I course. In addition to a dozen syntheses, in the Nanotechnology Lab II course, students tracked the growth of ammonium hydrogen phosphate and zeolite crystals, the growth and misfolding of Alzheimer’s disease proteins, and bone destruction from excessive acid concentrations associated with gouty arthritis. Materials Characterization Laboratory introduces students to many relevant instruments and gets them from rookie to independent status quickly without significant instrument cost or downtime. This class was composed of lectures, hands-on demonstrations, online testing prior to using the equipment, a mentoring program, and passing a hands-on practical test. The establishment of a grading system that emphasizes independence and student mentoring ensure progress.


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