Sunday July 29, PM Sessions

S14a: Undergraduate Research in Chemistry: Expanding Opportunities and Broadening Participation

Organizers: Rebecca Jones (George Mason University, USA), Ted Clark (The Ohio State University, USA)

Presider: Rebecca M. Jones (George Mason University, USA)

Engaging undergraduate chemistry students in research is a valuable enterprise which utilizes some of the best practices of higher education. The goal of broadening participation in undergraduate research is common to many STEM disciplines at 2-year and 4-year institutions. Chemical educators have demonstrated leadership in developing, implementing, and evaluating curricular and classroom approaches for increasing the number and diversity of student researchers. This symposium is an opportunity to share strategies and best-practices that have led to success. Presentations regarding individual or group projects in lecture or laboratory, redesigned courses which focus on a specific research topic, and/or the general undergraduate research process are welcome. Faculty who have incorporated research activities and/or projects into specific collegiate chemistry classes are invited to share their experiences. Also welcome is a discussion of what counts as “success” and how it may be assessed. Finally, this symposium is an opportunity to communicate approaches that have “not worked” when it comes to increasing the number and diversity of undergraduate chemical researchers. Expanding participation in research, while ambitious and potentially rewarding, also poses difficulties and challenges that differ from those accompanying traditional chemistry instruction. Communicating what has and has not been successful pedagogically and logistically is important for making progress.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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