Monday July 30, AM Sessions

S19a: Chemical Education Research: Graduate Student Research Forum

Organizers: Janelle Arjoon (University of South Florida, USA), Jordan Harshman (Miami University, USA)

Presider: Janelle Arjoon (University of South Florida, USA)

Collaboration and networking among the chemistry education research (CER) community is critical for both the development and sharing of new ideas. As beginning researchers, graduate students should have a forum in which these interactions can take place. This symposium will showcase graduate student research in CER, and students may choose to present either research-in-progress or completed studies. Each presentation will be 20 minutes long, including two to four minutes of discussion. This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for CER graduate students to gain feedback from the general audience and improve the overall quality of their research practices. Additionally, the broader chemistry community will have the opportunity to learn about research being conducted by graduate students in the field of chemistry education.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am


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