Monday July 30, PM Sessions

S22b: Design, Development and Teaching of Online Chemistry Courses

Organizers: Aimee Miller (Millersville University, USA), Kathleen Carrigan (Portland Community College, USA), Kenneth Friedrich (Portland Community College, USA), Laura Anna (Montgomery College-Rockville, USA)

Presider: Aimee Miller (Millersville University, USA)

Innovation certainly describes the efforts applied to distance learning in undergraduate chemistry courses; and with advances in technology and new web tools, an increase in online chemistry courses have followed. This symposium will allow chemical educators to present their experiences in the design, development, and delivery of online chemistry courses, including both lecture and laboratory components. Speakers are invited to discuss pedagogical and technological approaches utilized in the distance learning environment and share experiences and ideas regarding critical parameters of student success such as retention and assessment, best practices, technology tools, and delivery methods of lab experiences. A concluding Panel Discussion will serve to open the discussion of acceptable practices and sharing of both successful and unsuccessful strategies for distance learning.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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