Wednesday August 1, PM Sessions

S30c: 2012 BCCE Demo Extravaganza

Organizers: Lori Van Der Sluys (Penn State University, USA), James Nye (Bellefonte Area Middle School, USA), Mary Bojan (Penn State University, USA), Philip Stemple (Penn State University, USA)

Presider: Lori Van Der Sluys (Penn State University, USA)

As Chemical Educators, we know that the amount of creativity in the presentation of our material makes an immense difference as to whether the students actually pay attention and learn the material presented. Live chemical demonstrations in class can take advantage of this creativity, and can play a huge part in generating student interest, boosting understanding, and improving retention of information. We would like to showcase creative chemical demonstrations in our 2012 Demo Extravaganza, including both tried and true demos, and also interesting new demos that illustrate chemical concepts in a different way. We invite all chemical educators to share their best demos and inspire others to teach chemistry in a new way. Possible categories of demos include: Musical Presentations (demos choreographed to a musical soundtrack), Fire and Explosions, Water Demos, Bubble Demos, Colorful Demos, Low Temperature Demos, Polymer Demos, Electrochemical Demos, Gas Phase Demos, General Category (for demos that don’t fit into the above categories). Symposium chairs will consider adding new categories if needed, and we will reserve the right to accept only those submissions that we consider appropriate and safe. To further our goal of fostering stronger interactions between educators and students, we will be inviting presentations from both teams and individuals. Teams will pair a student presenter with a mentor. The mentors can be teachers, faculty, staff, or professional scientists, and students can be middle school, high school or undergraduate students. Individuals that are not part of a team are also invited to participate.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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