Monday July 30, PM Sessions

S31b: Chemistry and Popular Media

Organizers: Keith Kostecka (Columbia College – Chicago, USA), James Goll (Edgewood College, USA)

Presider: Keith Kostecka (Columbia College – Chicago, USA)

Popular media, such as television programs and movies, can be easily used as vehicles to creatively engage students in chemistry-related topics. Sometimes this chemistry can be depicted correctly but more often than not is not depicted correctly. This can be seen in a variety of television programs such as House, CSI and Bones and in movies such as Apollo 13, Chain Reaction and Contagion. This symposium will discuss the correct chemistry shown in television programs and in movies as utilized in chemistry class instruction.  Showing of “clips” from television programs and movies with subsequent description of this video usage in the classroom is encouraged.  Correction of incorrect chemistry shown in these media by instructors in their teaching in high school, community college and college and university classrooms is strongly encouraged.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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