Tuesday July 31, AM Sessions

S40: Cognition in Chemistry Education

Organizers: Mike Briggs (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA), George R. Long (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Presider: Mike Briggs (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Our knowledge of cognition in chemical education has been growing over the last 20 years because of a few research centers interested in the subject. This symposium is an opportunity for researchers from those centers, both faculty and students, to share their findings with interested colleagues. The types of research results can include theories of learning or cognition; ways students mentally represent chemistry concepts; methods students use to solve chemistry problems; descriptions of students’ perceptions of specific chemistry concepts; or similar cognitive/learning research results. In this symposium, researchers with an interest in cognition and chemistry education will gather to present their findings and discuss the cognitive issues associated with the learning of chemistry concepts.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am


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