Tuesday July 31, PM Sessions

S53b: Trends in GOB Chemistry

Organizer: Laura Frost (Georgia Southern University, USA)

Presider: Laura Frost (Georgia Southern University, USA)

Many allied health/health professional programs require one or two semesters of chemistry as a General, Organic, and Biochemistry (GOB) course. This course has a unique set of challenges for the chemical educator, beginning with teaching the sometimes unprepared, potentially uninterested, nonmajor student. At the 2010 BCCE several colleagues provided evidence that GOB topic integration has helped engage students with the material. Educators are invited to report on their experiences in either classroom instructional strategies or development/management of course content. This session will conclude with a discussion where the audience and the presenters will identify trends in teaching the GOB course.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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