Sunday July 29, PM Sessions

S6: Experiences with Nontraditional Freshman-Sophomore Chemistry Sequences

Organizers: Richard Kashmar (Wesley College, USA), Elizabeth Pollock (Richard Stockton College, USA)

Presider: Richard Kashmar (Wesley College, USA)

For decades, the majority of freshman science majors in the United States have taken a chemistry sequence consisting of a year of general chemistry, followed by organic chemistry in the sophomore year. More and more schools recently have been using nontraditional course sequences, such as following the first semester of general chemistry with two semesters of organic chemistry (known as a 1-2-1 sequence), starting the chemistry sequence with an organic or bio-organic chemistry course, or integrating organic chemistry with basic physical and inorganic chemistry in the freshman course. Instructors who have developed or taught in a nontraditional type of sequence are invited to share their experiences with other faculty members who might be interested in using such a sequence.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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