Wednesday August 1, AM Sessions

S62: Innovative Foundation Courses to the Meet the New CPT Guidelines

Organizer: Brian Johnson (College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s, USA)

Presider: Brian Johnson (College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s, USA)

In 2008, the ACS Committee on Professional Training approved a set of revisions to the ACS Guidelines for Chemistry Majors.  According to the ACS guidelines: “The goals of the proposed changes were to simplify the guidelines, increase flexibility in the curriculum, encourage innovation, and provide the infrastructure requirements that support excellence.  The proposed revisions include requiring foundation coursework of one semester beyond general chemistry in each of the sub-disciplines of chemistry.  Beyond teaching chemistry content, the CPT suggests that the curricula should promote the development of skills that students need to become successful professionals.” In this symposium, speakers are encouraged to present innovative curricular revisions undertaken by their departments.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am


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