Thursday August 2, AM Sessions

S71: Best Practices in Undergraduate Safety Instruction

Organizer: Dave Finster (Wittenberg University, USA)

Presider: Dave Finster (Wittenberg University, USA)

More national attention is being drawn to the topic of safety instruction at the undergraduate level in preparation for graduate studies and employment in the chemical industry. Undergraduate programs in chemistry are called upon to “upgrade” their safety instruction as a result. This symposium invites papers that will describe “best practices” and effective strategies that seek to educate, through various means, chemistry students about safe laboratory practices and inculcate in students a “safety mindset” that can persist throughout their career as chemists and scientists. “One size does not fit all” and institutions of different size and character will inevitably use different methods of instruction.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am


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