Tuesday July 31, AM Workshops

W25: Linking the Planning and Assessing of Learning Spaces and Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Chemists

Jeanne L. Narum, The Independent Colleges Office
Mary Walczak, St. Olaf College
William LaCourse, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

In learning chemistry in undergraduate institutions, the true subject matter is methodology.  Teaching chemistry -as with all STEM disciplines- is, at its best, a modeling of behavior, a demonstration of the true nature of investigation. It is clear that a highly interactive, hands-on, experiential, lab-rich, problem-solving approach to learning science is what works in motivating students to persist and succeed as learners in undergraduate settings. It is also clear that such an approach requires a particular kind of physical spaces.  Getting the spaces right is not always easy, but there is a growing, experienced community of practice from whom lessons can be learned that can inform peers.  Symposium participants will experience the process of planning and assessing spaces that reflect goals established for 21st century chemistry learning communities.  The sequence of symposium activities includes  a) setting goals for 21st century undergraduate learners-reflecting national conversations and institutional priorities; b) identifying curricular and pedagogical approaches that ensure learners achieve such goals; c) examining the capacity of spaces to accommodate such approaches; and d) collaborating in drafting future questions to be explored by those with responsibility and opportunity to make spaces work–for their students, for them and their faculty colleagues, and for their home institution.  This symposium is presented in collaboration between the ACS and the Learning Spaces Collaboratory; 6-hour session.

Intended Audience: UG

$35 fee; limit of 40 participants

Tuesday, July 31, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., 258 Willard


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