Monday July 30, PM Workshops

W29: Inquiry-Based Activities for General Chemistry, Part II-Entropy and Molecular Organization

Laura Eisen, The George Washington University
Samantha Glazier, Saint Lawrence University
Nadia Marano, Saint Lawrence University

Entropy is one of the more difficult topics covered in general chemistry, and students often have trouble understanding both the concept of entropy and the role that entropy plays in many of the phenomena that are studied in the course.  In Part II of this workshop pair, we continue our exploration of solubility by looking at the role of entropy, using activities based on material in the American Chemical Society’s general chemistry textbook.  We begin with a series of activities designed to help students understand the meaning of entropy.  We then investigate the role that entropy plays in a variety of phenomena, such as phase changes and freezing point depression.  Finally, we return to the solubility trends discussed in the earlier workshop, and examine quantitatively the role of entropy in the dissolution of ionic compounds. In order to model the inquiry-based pedagogy, participants will do the activities and then discuss how they might be used in a classroom setting; 3-hour session.

Intended Audience: HS(AP)/UG

$15 fee; limit of 30 participants

Monday, July 30, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., 151 N Frear


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